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Glen was born in North York and was raised in Milton, Ontario with his parents, brother and sister. Glen was a Canadian kid by every definition of the word, splitting his time between hockey and soccer. He played both sports competitively and when he wasn’t doing that he was “hacking around, riding my bike and getting into trouble.” He grew up in the days when you played outside until your Mom & Dad called you in for dinner. “I had a red and white CCM with a mock shifter right on the top tube, it had a small front wheel, big back wheel and I sure loved that bike and the freedom it gave me.”


Fast forward a whole bunch of years and Glen was thinking that he might become a ski patroller. He loved skiing and thought this might be a great career move, that was until he caught wind of a job through his good friend Chris Lewis who was working at Glen Eden Ski Club! “Chris and I worked together at a golf course in the summer and he talked me into coming to work for him at Glen Eden as a Ski-Pro.


It was a great move and eventually I became a sponsored Nordica instructor.” This relationship with the ski company lead to position as a demo rep for Nordica, Rollerblade and KÄSTLE. “It was a full time, year round position and I sure put a lot of miles down over the six years I worked the job, 60 days in the winter at events and then about 100 days in the summer!”. Glen was also a Sales Rep for Smith Optics and stayed planted in the ski industry until 2006. Then a big internal shift took place and Glen couldn’t ignore the sign-posts that the time has come to change industries “I got to a point where I wouldn’t change my day to go skiing, but sure would if it was to go cycling.” He decided that this change in his interests could not be ignored and he landed a job with Cevelo in 2008.

Glen is a passionate rider and has competed in two iron mans (one in Arizona 2012 and one in Tremblant (2015). As an athlete for life, he knows full well the health benefits (both mental and physical) that exercise provides to a person’s overall well being.


In 2012 Cervelo Company Lawyer Mike Clearly was approached by Phil Ralph, Director of Wounded Warriors Canada to see if the company would be interested in the possibility of a partnership. Wounded Warriors Canada were launching a new program that was designed to help soldiers begin the process of healing through the activity of bike riding. The ride was taking place in France and they were looking for a donation of 21 bikes that the participants could ride for the event. The partnership was a fantastic fit for Cervelo because the company is dedicated towards promoting a healthy lifestyle through the sport of cycling. The company sponsored the first Wounded Warriors Canada bike ride and Glen was invited to a PR launch at the Toronto beaches and was humbled by the experience. That afternoon he got a call and was asked if he would like to join the soldiers in Northern France on their ride as a guest. “I didn’t know a lot about the Military at the time and was unsure if I would be out of place and Mike encouraged me to go and I am so glad that I did. It changed the way I think and the way I looked at life in general. Throughout the ride we experienced such a gamut of emotions, we cried together, we laughed together, lifelong friendships were built. At the farewell dinner emotions ran high and one soldier got up and thanked everyone for supporting him on the ride and just how much the experience had meant to him. It really touched me as a civilian and on that day I decided that no matter where I was in my life, I would always support the cause.” Glen was nominated by the soldiers for the Diamond Jubilee award which is given to civilians who go above and beyond. “The fact that they nominated me is unreal, they welcomed me with open arms, I joined them in TAPS, they treated me as one of their own from the start.”


Glen is joining The Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike ride in Italy this year as Ride Director and he couldn’t be more proud. He knows that the mental fitness gained during physical exercise is something that really benefits a person suffering from PTSD. “It’s the ability to start the healing process, when you are stressed out, nothing feels better than going for a bike ride, you always feel better than you did when you started.”

The goal of Wounded Warriors Canada is two fold, Honour the Fallen and Help the Living “As Canadians we are just so far removed from any kind of war, as civilians we just can’t fully understand or comprehend what our Military and First Responders are going through.” Glen hopes that by raising awareness and funds we can address not only the individuals directly affected but also the wider community as a whole!

We closed our interview with asking Glen why he loves cycling “It’s the feeling of being a kid again, riding down the street, splashing through puddles, the joy and freedom of being on a bike.” It’s clear that Wounded Warriors Canada and Cervelo are working towards delivering these feelings of hope and positivity to all the soldiers and first responders that they are working with.

Join our Soul Story blog this coming Wednesday to read our interview with the Executive Director of Wound Warrior’s Canada Scott Maxwell. We are excited to be announcing a new bike ride that will be taking place this September, where Ontarian’s will be able to get involved with to honour the fallen and help the living!

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