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We love being outside and active in all seasons. In the winter months, you will find us on either local Nordic or Alpine ski trails. But as the seasons change, look for us on our bikes on the back roads of Southern Georgian Bay exploring and enjoying the sounds, sights and smells of this area. Or perhaps we will be enjoying a butter tart at a café on a mid ride break. We love where we live and we love to cycle. This joy for cycling sparked the formation of our company, Collingwood Cycling Tours.


Susie and I began biking together in the Collingwood area on Monday evenings almost 20 years ago. A group of friends met every week for a mountain bike ride from spring to fall. Sometimes we would be 20 people and other times just a few; but there was always a ride available, followed by a few beverages and snacks. This developed into weekend road riding where we increased our mileage and discovered much of the beauty of the area.


Our passion for cycling has developed over a lifetime of riding. We were separately introduced to road riding in our teens. I was encouraged to cycle by George Stewart, an avid cyclist and past head coach and member of Craigleith Ski Club. I used cycling for cross training for Alpine ski racing. Along the way, I learned the etiquette of group riding and came to love the sport. Susie was introduced to cycling through her high school cross-country coach and went on to compete in road races well into her 20’s.

The best way to explore an area is on your bike, where you feel the excitement of travelling under your own power. The pace is slower and you experience first hand each hill, valley and view. The joy of touring on a bike led us to organize cycling adventures, both together and independently, all over the world. We have cycled in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Tasmania, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, Quebec and British Columbia.


Our love of cycle touring and the beauty of the Collingwood area motivated us to create Collingwood Cycling Tours. We are excited to share our knowledge and to help others discover the special places in this area.

We have developed a number of routes for each level of cyclist. Some are shorter and flatter, while others include climbing the escarpment and exploring roads further away. But, on all our tours, we will enjoy the entire experience. We want to show you the communities that we pass through, perhaps have a tour at a brewery and certainly stop for a taste of local cuisine. Most of our tours are 3-4 hours in duration. Custom tours are also available. Just let us know what you are looking for.

“It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels” German Pro Rider Heinz Stucke

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