Rocky Mountain Demo Day at 3 Stage!

The Rocky Mountain Demo tour rolled into Collingwood on Saturday, June 18 and the weather couldn’t have been finer. Andrew Lefeuvre from Rocky and Don Wilcox from Squire’s were on hand to get people carving up the forest on the 2016 line-up! Pictured below: Andrew from Rocky Mountain & Don from Squire John’s.


Andrew says the Pipeline is one of his favorites “It’s a new plus size bike with lot’s of traction, it’s great on choppy terrain and with 130 in rear travel and 150 on the front, it’s really a fantastic trail bike, perfect for riding at 3 Stage.”

Chris from Colorado test rode the Thunderbolt 750 and had this to say about it “The bike is awesome, suspension was nice and smooth and the bike moved really well underneath me, it has the ability to move over the big stuff without any kickback”. Pictured below: Chris from Colarado with the Thunderbolt 750


3 Stage has lot’s of tight and twisting single track with technical rocky sections, log roll overs and steep up and down’s throughout. Mike Weatherill tested out the Thunderbolt BC edition and said that he was able to tackle some technical stuff with much more fluidity than the bike he is currently riding! “I liked it a lot, it felt light and flowy underneath and it was comfortable which can be a challenge sometimes when you are as tall as I am (6’3”). I was really able to clean some stuff that I have never been able to on my old bike.” Pictured below (far Left) Mike carving through the single track.


Tons of positive feedback poured in throughout the day and we only wish Rocky Mountain could set up every weekend so we could test ride them all!

For more information on their demo visit:

Please don’t hesitate to come into the store and speak with Greg or Don about the Rocky line-up that we are carrying. Some of the bikes are featured here:


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