Turbo’s Tuning Tips – Zen and the art of Tuning!

We were very lucky to sit in on a tuning clinic with Peter Hibbard (aka TURBO) from KUU Sports. Peter conveyed that tuning your skis and boards is “fun and easy to do and allows you to take ownership for your equipment”. Before we share some takeaways from the clinic, here is some history from Peter about his involvement and love of the sport!


“I started skiing at age four in St Adele, Quebec, it was great to live in the Laurentions and Montreal. So many great ski areas and a fabulous Ski Culture. Moved to Ontario in 1971 and started to ski at Blue, fond memories of the early days, the Barn, Ski Jump and a small Base Lodge. Fun days training at Uplands with the Brebeuf Ski Team and being Billeted in Meaford for the OFSSA High School finals and then coaching the Meaford team thirty eight years later when our boys went to GBSS. Had fun racing for the York University Ski Team, with races every Friday at the Peaks and now Coaching at the Peaks forty one years later. It has been a fun thirty five years in the Ski Industry, especially meeting John Will and selling him ski boots thirty five years ago at Squire John’s! Met my lovely wife Mary Lou and our first date was skiing at Devils Elbow, we have three great kids who all grew up skiing and racing and now they all coach/instruct and work in the Terrain Parks. I love Coaching because you have the opportunity to really influence a young racers life, with life skills and skills that they will carry with them forever. When a former Athlete comes up to you and says Turbo I am now coaching a team it means a lot. Teaching at Georgian College in the Snow Resort Program is extra special because the Students are the future of this great industry.



1. “Keep the base moist”. There is nothing worse on ski and board bases than letting them completely dry out with no waxing’s for months at a time!

2. In keeping with the “keep the base moist”, your equipment should be tuned, on average, about every 6 days of riding (for all mountain riding). Race ski tuning is a very different story with tuning happening daily to match the conditions.

3. Always dry off your equipment when you get home from the hill or store in your locker. Towel dry tip to tail and make sure you dry the edges off too!

4. New equipment should always be waxed and tuned before you hit the slopes. A rule of thumb is 4 coats of wax for glidability (is that a word? well it is now!)











5. You know those elastics that come on fruits and vegetables? Reuse them as a brake retainer for your skis!









6. Velcro pro-straps protect your bases by separating them from each other! Use them always to avoid damage to the base. When they are snuggly attached they are less likely to get gouged by other objects around them (in trunk of car for example).








7. When choosing wax remember that the air temperature is 4 degrees warmer than the snow temperature.

8. 85% of your waxing needs will be met by the KUU universal wax. For the other 15% there is the KUU Mach 2 & 3 lines!

























9. They say “It’s not the gunner it’s the gun” but that’s not the case when it comes to an iron. Make the investment and buy an iron that is specifically calibrated for waxing boards and skis. No holes or irregular temperatures in this bad boy!













10. Your base needs to be square. If you don’t regularly maintain your equipment it’s likely you will end up with either a concave or convex base. This will affect the performance of your equipment. It’s a great idea to take your boards & skis into the shop roughly every 4 weeks for a professional tune-up. This way small issues can get dealt with before they become big problems!

11. There is so much SALT on our roads in the winter and it destroys steel edges of skis and boards. If you are using a roof rack system make sure your skis and boards are in a ski or boarding bag. Ideally equipment is either in the car or in a hard case roof rack.

12.The springtime is coming up and that means preparing your equipment for summer storage! Turbo says to take the tension off toe/heal and drip wax on from tip to tail, glide over base with an iron and do not scrape. Store in a dry and controlled environment (Turbo says a bedroom closet is about as good as it gets!).

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